The microsprints

recorreguts-casserres-2016-c2-001Microsprints are orienteering races on a smaller scale. They are normally held in a small area—a park, school playground, the area around a pool, among others. The object is to find a number of control markers in a specific order which are marked on a map provided by organizers immediately before the race begins.

Races last between five and ten minutes. This means that this is most explosive, and in turn demanding, type of orienteering as participants must correctly interpret the map and relate it to their surroundings at high speed. This is why an activity which could be relatively easy becomes difficult.

Example of the map which participants use when running. Specifically, this is the municipal pool in the town of Casserres in Berguedà, which was used in 2016 as part of the microsprint league held in Berguedà county.

To see how a microsprint is held, please watch the following video recorded during a race in Avià in 2015 in which you can see how races are set up, the control, the map, and the event organization: