Prize for participating in Microsprints INDOOR Challenge COVID-19

April 3, 2020, 6:25 p.m.

To thank your participation, we’re giving you the opportunity to use our Microsprints APP at your place and organize an event to cheer up your family. To do so, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Create a course (with a pen, in the computer… as you prefer!) in your map by choosing one of these three options:

  • 10 controls
  • 15 controls
  • 19 controls with a loop

2. Create a legend in your course that coincides with the control number and the order in which it appears in the legend beside each course.

3. Download the controls’ document available in Microsprints:  Fites QR MICROSPRINT COVID-19

4. Print all the controls you need as well as the course’s map that you’ve chosen.

5. Cut and assemble (in a triangular cone shape) all the controls needed for your course.

6. Place each control in its designated spot at your place, paying attention to the control numbers assigned in the legend.

7. Download the MICROSPRINTS APP (last update!). Available for ANDROID and APPLE.

8. Open the APP and insert a name that identifies you.

9. Scan the QR code for the COURSE THAT YOU’VE SELECTED (10 controls, 15 controls or loop).

10. Start your INDOOR MICROSPRINT by pointing your camera to the START control, followed by all the CONTROLS in an organized way and, finally, the FINISH control.

11. Check out the RESULTATS and share your experience! Bear in mind that you can only compare it with the other participants from your home...


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"Microsprints ha obert una nova possibilitat per al món de les Curses d'Orientació!"
Biel Ràfols
"Adaptació molt adequada de curses d'orientació per instituts i escoles, conservant els principals valors d'aquest esport pels més joves!"
Laura Serra
"Una manera original i divertida perquè petits i grans descobreixin l'orientació en espais reduïts i peculiars"
Lleí Viles
"Microsprints es una actividad innovadora, sencilla y divertida, que a la vez sirve para exprimir al máximo la parte mental y técnica del deportista de élite"
Alvaro Prieto

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