Permanent Microsprints

These are microsprints that are set up and prepared to be used at any time of day and any day of the year, which means they can be adapted to all situations and participants.

This type of microsprint can be created around mountain refuges, children’s champs, campgrounds, rural tourism hotels. All of these areas are spaces which have many features that will be represented on a very detailed map.

To take part, every participant must find all the points marked on the map in the correct order. The start and finish of each course will be very close to each other and will always have an informational paper with a stopwatch.

At each control marker, there will be a small plate that participants must touch. At three of the controls for each course, there will be a traditional punch which participants must use to mark their map.

The goals of this activity are to offer a recreational sport to clients of establishments with simple, adaptable activities, promote business between participants and social media, while also promoting orienteering events.

It is also an activity that is oriented to all clients. It is suitable for children and teenagers as well as for adults and senior citizens, as participants set their own limits and everyone finds their own personal motivation.

In the results section, participants can check their times for each course in every microsprint. In this way, overall results are provided where everyone can see his/her times and compare them with other the participants.