The budget to hold a microsprint depends a good deal on the characteristics specific to each one. But, this section helps to provide a very general idea of what the price of a basic activity would be.

  • Making the map— €100 This mostly consists of the hours of field work—time spent in the area where the map will be made to see all the features and draw them correctly—and computer work—retouching and correctly drawing the map in the software.
  • Microsprint courses—€50 Using the computer to place on the map the controls, fences, and all the information runners will need. This stage also includes placing the logos and any additional information on the map.
  • SPORTident timing system—€50 This uses the normal timing system for orienteering events, which is used to fully confirm times and that runners have done courses properly. It provides a significant amount of options that improve the quality of the activity.
  • Printing maps— €0.30/DIN A4 This depends on the number of participants and the number of courses desired per group. Quality printing on 120g (thicker) paper. Normally maps can be fit on an A5 sheet, which means that it would be half the price.
  • Activity organization— €20/h per person. There should be at least two people per activity, in addition to two hours of preparation prior to starting each activity.

A custom budget will be made for each activity taking into account what possible clients need and can offer. Anyone who is interested can complete this form or send an email describing their situation and they will be given an obligation-free quote for the activity.